Los Angeles — The nation’s most productive agricultural state will ban a widely used toxic pesticide blamed for harming brain development in babies, California officials said Wednesday. The move would outlaw chlorpyrifos after scientists deemed it a toxic air contaminant and discovered it to be more dangerous than previously thought.Read More →

An unvaccinated teen who was banned from school during a chickenpox outbreak now has chickenpox himself, his lawyer says. Jerome Kunkel was not allowed to attend school for at least two weeks when 30 people came down with the virus. In April, he sued the health department because he wasRead More →

Millions of Americans suffer from insomnia, and many of them depend on sleep medications to get them through the night. Federal health officials have warned for years about the possible side effects, and now they’ve issued their strongest warning so far. The FDA ordered that several popular types of prescriptionRead More →

Inflammation in your body could be a factor causing depression, according to a book just published in the U.S. called “The Inflamed Mind: A Radical New Approach to Depression.” Author Edward Bullmore, head of the psychiatry department at the University of Cambridge, examines the link between inflammation and mental health.Read More →